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To remove risks towards repetitive strain injuries and to modernize facilities, we believe logging tables should be fully adjustable and easier to use.


Introducing the novel CoreLift™ Mechanized Logging Table with roller table top for easily handling of core boxes. The logging table lays flat for loading and sorting then can be raised to a preferred height and angle for active core logging. Similar to a standing desk, our table provides ideal ergonomics to core logging geologists and technicians across the mining industry.

CoreLift Core Table

Easy on the eyes, and the back.

CoreLift is a Canadian equipment provider for modern core logging facilities based in Northern Ontario.


With novel products such as our signature mechanized logging tables, we assist mining and mineral exploration companies to dramatically improve productivity while significantly reducing health and safety risks. Our certified engineered products are robust, durable and manufactured with the highest quality components.


  • Roller table top with wear resistant rollers
  • Hinged end stops
  • Loaded weight 2,500lbs, test loaded to 125% capacity
  • Front bar with mini-rollers
  • Height range 10’’, angle range 0º - 40º
  • Initial design 16’ which can be put in series
  • Holds 15-18 Canadian core boxes (length 63’’) in 3 columns of 5 boxes
  • Alternate sizing is available
  • Four button corrosion resistant pendant switch controller
  • Accordion skirt for additional safety
  • LED strip lighting in aluminum casing
  • All electrical components are UL and CSA certified, waterproof / weather resistant
  • Robust high quality actuators
  • Anchoring plates

Conveyor style roller table top

Fully articulating – height and angle

Hinged end stops for secure loading and core box placement

Integrated “daylight” LED strip lighting

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